A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Set in modern day Sweden, you and your crew are the nations front-line defense and the primary firepower on land. Your task is to capture and hold strategically important objectives and ensure the safety of all civilians and military personnel. You will have to defend against all the invading forces in some of Sweden's most iconic landscape. 


Download the zip folder. Unzip it and open the file called “Armored Division.exe” to start the game. You will be asked if you want to play the tutorial when you press “start game” in the main menu. It will guide you through a small “map” and teach you the controls of the tank. (The tutorial can also be accessed from the settings menu)

For MacOS. In order to start the game, you might want to check the security setting on your Mac and make sure if it allows to run the game. Otherwise you have to allow it yourself so that the game can be run. 


Taninwat Kaewpankan - Producer & Audio designer

Oliver Rågmo - 2D Artist & Product owner

Elian Morgana - 2D Artist

Simon Zeidan Mellqvist - Programmer

Daniel Lagnebratt - QA

Soundtracks by Muz Station Productions

SFX by soundscrate.com and freesound.org

Install instructions

- Download the zip file.
- Extract the (zip) file in order to get the build of the game
- Enjoy


MacOs.zip 239 MB
Windows.zip 236 MB

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